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Wednesday’s Presidents Race at Nationals Park had a ‘Dark Knight Rises’ feel (video)

With the heavily anticipated The Dark Knight Rises premiering on Friday, seemingly the entire country — from nerdy fanboys to well, some other people —  has worked itself up into a frenzy over the finale of Christopher Nolan’s brilliant Batman trilogy.

The craze over the film’s release even managed to make its way into Nationals Park on Wednesday, as the customary Presidents Race had a distinctly Dark Knight Rises feel to it, as Abe was outfitted with a Batman mask and poor old Teddy took on the role of the films’ villain, Bane.

Video follows.

Teddy, who has never won the Presidents Race in its history, was inspired by taking on the Bane persona and attempted to cause trouble and disrupt the race, but thankfully, Abe, as Batman, thwarted his attempt at causing mayhem, and Jefferson won the race.

All I know is I’m glad those who come up with these bits at Nationals Park didn’t outfit George Washington in a Catwoman getup. That would have been awkward.

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