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Steve Nash does worst Vito Corleone impression ever in ‘Godfather’ spoof (video)

While Steve Nash’s take on Marlon Brando’s captivating portrayal of Mafia boss Vito Corelone in The Godfather is awful, that does not mean it is not hilarious. Further, I’m pretty sure, knowing Steve Nash’s penchant for absurdity, the terrible impersonation is intentional. Watching Nash cram grape after grape into his mouth while quoting some of Don Corleone’s trademark lines is truly a delight, although I can imagine if Mr. Brando were still alive, he likely would say something along the lines of “Look at how he massacred my role…” But then again, that guy was a kook and he probably would have loved it.

Brilliant. As far as the recent spate of movie spoofs Nash has done over at NOC, I’d rank this one among the best.  Even Coppola would have no choice but to praise it.

Now, I liked his Spider-Man spoof where he saves the world from stinky diarrhea, but Nash displays his acting chops splendidly here and really digs deep into the role. Almost as much as he digs into that bunch of grapes.

Still, you have to love Nash and his willingness to make a relative fool of himself for laughs. Not bad for a Canadian. I understand. He found paradise in America. He had a good trade, he made a good living…

Oh, and one last thing. Tattaglia was a pimp. That is all.