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Spectator ‘nearly decapitated’ by Rory McIlroy’s wayward tee shot (video)

Perhaps “nearly decapitated” is a bit too strong as a means to describe what occurred to the young lad who was struck in the head by a golf ball when Rory McIlroy’s errant tee shot went way left on the 15th hole at the British Open on Thursday, but that’s how the bloke in charge of The Open Championship live blog at the Daily Mail (by way of Deadspin) elected to characterize it, so we’ll go along with the over-the-top hyperbole as well.

After caroming off the kid’s head, Rory’s ball ended up out of bounds, so he had to take the one-stroke penalty and tee off on No. 15 again, ultimately making a 6 on the hole for a double-bogey. Blimey.

For his troubles, the chap, a 16-year-old named Jason Blue from Bristol, England, received a signed glove from McIlroy, along with a pretty nasty knot on the noggin, I would figure.