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Spain’s awful Olympic unis make athletes look like pizza delivery guys (pics)

“No, I cannot break a $100. I carry less than $20 cash at all times.”

Two of Spain’s Olympic athletes took to Twitter to upload photos of themselves modeling Spain’s Olympic uniforms and the two can barely contain their excitement. Gold medal winning canoeist Saul Craviotto and field hockey player Alex Fabregas both tweeted photos along with comments which did not come out and say explicitly that they hated the uniforms, but they didn’t give them a ringing endorsement, either. In fact, they nearly came out and mocked them.

The garish, rods-and-cones-searing outfits, designed by Russian firm Bosco (seriously?), were provided to Spain courtesy of an agreement with the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE). Can’t say I blame Bosco. Would you want these around?

Bosco also designed the Official uniforms for the Russian and Ukrainian Olympic teams. I am too frightened too seek out photos.

COE president Alejandro Blanco defended the choice to allow a Russian company carte blanche to design the uniforms, telling sports daily AS on Wednesday, “The outfits are what we have, we cannot change them now, and were decided upon more than a year and a half ago,” which begs the question: how did the COE give the go-ahead on these atrocities a full 18 months ago without at least giving Bosco some notes regarding how they would appreciate it if the uniforms were not, you know, ugly?

Blanco added that “When Rafa Nadal (the flag bearer) and all the others appear in their uniforms the whole world will applaud and Spain as well.” Good luck with all that.

Pictured above is Craviotto and it’s safe to say, given the look on his face and his comments (below), probably does not agree with Blanco’s sentiments.

Translated: “At home trying on the Olympic clothes. Best I don’t comment, I will leave it up to you…” Yeahhhh….

Up next: the photo Fabregas uploaded, along with his comments:

Goodness gracious. The jacket is even worse. Said Fabregas:

Translated: “Olympic outfit, there aren’t enough adjectives.” Indeed. But I think the “thumbs up” sign and sarcastic smile from the poor guy speaks volumes.

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