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Sweet Fancy Moses, NMA World Edition’s Penn State report is awkward (video)

We can all agree that Next Media Animation’s previous Taiwanese animation treatment reports on various sports scandals, etc. have been visceral, visually disturbing and oftentimes, borderline crass, but this report on the Jerry Sandusky scandal and whether it is sufficient to levy the death penalty upon Penn State’s football program is beyond the pale. I mean there is some real crazy stuff going on here.

A sampling of the shocking images:

  • to illustrate how SMU’s football program received the death penalty in 1986, a horse is shown strung up headed to the slaughter before the exterior of a glue factory is shown as blood spatters on the windows
  • Jerry Sandusky and the Nittany Lions mascot gyrating their hips in front of boys on a football field just before Sandusky blows the boys animated kisses and begins drooling
  • Sandusky, sitting in a van bearing the Penn State Nittany Lions logo (and being driven by the mascot), is shown waving a phallic-like object at boys standing nearby
  • the mascot laying golden eggs in the shape of footballs
  • a halo hovering over Joe Paterno’s head is snatched by Sandusky and turned into a condom (whaa?)
  • the Nittany Lions mascot being shot execution-style and later drawn and quartered in a most gruesome, blood-spattering manner

Video follows.

Hoo boy. And that’s all I got to say about that disturbing mess, man. Wow.