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Minor league baseball team breaks Tebowing record, if that’s a thing (video)

On Friday, July 13, the Lake Elsinore Storm, a minor league affiliate of the San Diego Padres, accomplished the unthinkable…and unnecessary and somewhat unremarkable: they engaged in what the team believes is the world’s largest-ever collection of people Tebowing in unison.

You may recall that this same minor league outfit offered Tim Tebow a contract in March. They sure do love their Tebow in Lake Elsinore. And kneeling, apparently.

Some 500 folks showed up for the event, and the act of simultaneous Tebowing occurred during  the post-game Night of Fellowship prayer. Good times.

According to the YouTube description, the Tebowing-ers then enjoyed a fireworks show, which I’m pretty sure did not conclude Fellowship prayers during Biblical times. Then again, Tebow wasn’t around during Biblical times, either, and we can only imagine how much better those days would have been had he been around to spread cheer, piety and good sportsmanship and what-have-you.

But really, another day, another story about Tebowing, which I’m pretty sure became so…played about 6 months ago. Or at least it should have. On Tuesday, it was a beauty queen Tebowing and now we have a bunch of baseball fans going down on bended knee. What’s next? Actually, perish the thought. I don’t think I even want to know.

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