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Jeremy Roenick calls Rob Gronkowski ‘the next best thing to Jesus Christ’

Gronkowski, preaching and spreading the Good Word to his disciples

Former NHL star-turned-NHL analyst for NBC Sports Jeremy Roenick has always been something of an opinionated fellow, and those opinions are sometimes outlandish and are routinely expressed in an outspoken manner. Which is why it should come as no surprise that Roenick’s take on the NFL’s reigning wild man, New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, is provocative to say the least.

Speaking to’s Ian Rapoport at the  American Century Golf Championship at Lake Tahoe, here’s the high praise Roenick showered upon the Gronk-Man:

 “I’m a Patriots fan. I grew up in Boston. I’m a big Patriots fan, a big Wes Welker fan, a big Tom Brady fan. So, being from that area, the Gronk is the next best thing to Jesus Christ, in my opinion. (Laughs)”

Now that’s a compliment. And Roenick probably hadn’t even heard about Gronowski’s bathroom pee party shenanigans after the ESPYs when he made that statement.

Come to think of it, there are some passing similarities between Jesus and Gronk. For instance, Jesus had the Sermon on the Mount, Gronk, you know, mounts.

Still, I’m pretty sure Roenick’s quote about Gronkowski would make Gretzky’s head bleed. Or, all dated references to Swingers aside, Roenick’s thoughts on Gronk would at the very least probably irk Tim Tebow, wouldn’t you think? I mean, those two are tight. Not Roenick and Tebow. Tebow and Jesus. But you knew that already.

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