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Fire sale! Get your Jeremy Lin as a Knick Fathead for only $16.36!

Apparently, the brain wizards running the show over at Fathead understand the rapidly decreasing worth of a once-prized Fathead once an athlete moves on and changes teams. It’s economics, people. Supply and demand and so on and so forth.

You see, the Fathead of Jeremy Lin in a New York Knicks uniform, once available for the tidy sum of  $99.99 — seriously, people pay that much for a stinking wall decal? — has had its price slashed to a more affordable $16.36 now that the guard is a member of the Houston Rockets.

But why $16.36 you ask? How did these same brain wizards who are as sharp as tacks arrive at that bizarre price? Simple. According to the similarly knowledgeable folks over at Game On!, 1636 is the year Harvard, Lin’s alma mater, was founded. Genius!

You may recall that Fathead pulled the same kind of clever bit when they arrived at a reduced price for the Albert Pujols Fathead once he departed from St. Louis for the sunnier climes of Los Angeles of Anaheim. Or just Anaheim. Either way. In that case, it was $31.41, or the age of Pujols when he signed his ginormous contract and the age he will be once the Angels pay him all those millions of dollars it required to lure him to the team.

Anyhoo, time moves on, players change teams and Fathead cleverly adjusts its prices accordingly. To be honest, I’m thinking about picking up one of those bad boys. It would go great with all the neato Jeremy Lin crafts I purchased on, especially the Jeremy Lin craft I made myself with the use of the Photostitch Machine Embroidery Design Kit. It’s the coolest.