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Winner of 2012 Miss South Carolina Teen Tebowed after capturing title (video)

(image courtesy of The State)

Yes, my friends, Tebowing has now made its way out of sports and into the elegant world of pageants, thanks to one Rachel Wyatt.

Wyatt, 17, the winner of the 2012 Miss South Carolina Teen pageant, engaged in the sacred act of Tebowing following her big win. But it wasn’t an attention-grabbing act, nope. Wyatt says she did it to honor Jesus, the same reason why New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow says he does his trademark move.

Video follows.

Via The State (by way of Off the Bench):

“His whole goal of doing that is to give all the glory and honor to our lord and savior, Jesus Christ, and that’s exactly what I was trying to do,” said Wyatt, who won more than $12,000 in savings bonds. It’s also something her sister, who turned 21 Sunday, suggested. “She had said beforehand, ‘How cool would it be if the winner got down and did The Tebow.’ ”

Did The Tebow? That makes it sound like a new dance move all the kids are doing.

All I hope is reigning Miss South Carolina Teen Rachel Wyatt isn’t subjected to a similar punishment suffered by Chuck Shriner, who had his high school diploma withheld after an impromptu Tebowing demonstration during his high school commencement ceremony. Methinks a pageant winner wouldn’t take too well to relinquishing her sparkling crown and sash.