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Kobe Bryant razzes President Obama over Kiss Cam snub by First Lady

By now, you have likely heard all about how the leader of the free world couldn’t even convince his wife to give him a big ol’ smooch the first time around when the two showed up on the Kiss Cam during Team USA’s exhibition victory over Brazil on Monday. Granted, on the couple’s second appearance on the Kiss Cam, First Lady Michelle Obama did plant a kiss on the President, but that did not deter Kobe Bryant from commenting on it following the game.

As covered by Game On!:

“PDA is not for everybody, you know what I mean,” Bryant said.

Then he backpedaled a bit.

“But he makes the important decisions, so it’s all good.”

All good, indeed. And Kobe should know. As far as he’s concerned, this kind of behavior should not occur in public in the first place. Instead, they should be limited to the privacy provided within the confines of a Colorado hotel room…

Oh, I kid, I kid. Let’s focus on Kobe’s zinger on the President as opposed to the murky detail of what might or might not have happened in the past, and then dwell upon how what occurred will not be viewed as a simple mix-up or an awkward moment but instead will become fodder for pundits to speculate as to the well-being of the Obamas’ marriage and how this must indicate that it certainly must be in peril. What a country.