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Women’s pro football squads engage in bench-clearing brawl (video)

According to a report from CBS Boston, a heated rivalry that has been simmering for years between the  Boston Militia and the D.C. Divas, two women’s pro football teams who play in the Women’s Football Alliance, finally “boiled over” Saturday night as chaos reigned when a bench-clearing brawl at the conclusion of the game. It’s nice to see the ladies can mix it up just like the boys can. Or it’s too bad. You be the judge.

Saturday’s tilt, which was the third meeting this season between the acrimonious football squads, appeared to end with an interception, but that’s when the kicking, facemask-grabbing and other assorted acts of violence started up.

“It was festering but you never thought it would’ve got to that point,” said Boston’s quarterback Allison Cahill.

Boston Militia defensive back Jennifer Powell says all she can remember is having her helmet ripped off her head and then getting attacked by D.C. Diva players.

“A large amount of the girls came over and I had cleat marks on my back,” said Powell.

The gridiron melee reached such a severe point that police were forced to intervene.

And for those keeping score, the Militia won the game by a score of 55-34, capping a perfect season where the team went 10-0, setting up a showdown with the Chicago Force in the National Conference Championship on July 21. Let’s hope that game isn’t marred by heinous acts of woman on woman ultraviolence. Then again, if no brawls occur, it’s unlikely anyone will care about the outcome of the game.

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