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We need a bigger net: ‘Big-ass shark’ snatches fish off woman’s hook (video)

According to the gal who uploaded the video, this up-close-and-personal encounter with a “big-ass shark” (in the words of the man recording the video) occurred at a beach house in Myrtle Beach. She adds that to her, it appeared that the fish causing all the hullabaloo and the hillbilly-esque hooting and hollering was a 6-to-7-foot “bullhead shark” (her words) and that its snack — conveniently provided for the shark courtesy of the young lady’s hook as she reeled it in — was a “reddrum” (her words, again).

I cannot confirm the legitimacy of her statements about the identity of the fish involved — I am a lake fisherman who has never encountered a shark during my times of angling. But if this had occurred on one of Minnesota’s many fine lakes, I could have told you that if something like this had occurred, it probably would have been a muskie or maybe a northern pike snatching up a sunfish, perch or small crappie. It also would have been much less compelling of a video. There’s a reason why there isn’t “Muskie Week” on the Discovery Channel.

[via @willbrinson]