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Whatever the X-Games plan to do with this huge Hot Wheels track, it’ll be cool (pic/vid)

Bad. Ass. Count me in.

No, not to take on that double-loop track on whatever the hell is going to take on that ginormous Hot Wheels track. That would be foolish. Also: I’m a coward.

Instead, count me in as someone who will be going home and digging out the kid-scaled, miniature car version of that wicked cool track thingamajobber. It’s going to be a fun afternoon!

But really, what actually going down at the X-Games is that according to ESPN, the track is part of the “Hot Wheels Double Loop Dare” where “RallyCross star Tanner Foust and Hollywood stunt driver Greg Tracy racing a pair of vehicles through a six-story double vertical loop” on Saturday. Radical.

Video and an even more radical infographic follows. Okay, not radical, perhaps, but a pretty neat informational graphic kind of thing that tells you stuff.

(click to enlarge)

Far out, man. I’ll be watching.

[photo via reddit, infograph, video via ESPN]