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The jerseys the Blue Jays will wear on Canada Day are fantastic (photos)

For all you xenophobic Americans out there who are terrified of the outside world, including being frightened by the goings-on in a country that shares are northern border, July 1 is Canada Day, which is a lot like July 4th here in the States, only with Mounties and you run into a much friendlier brand of people at parades.

On Sunday, in honor of “Canada’s birthday,” the Toronto Blue Jays will wear special uniforms to commemorate the holiday, including the outstanding jersey featured above. Those bad boys are slick, man. I dig the red.

Every jersey will feature the player’s number, but their name will be replaced with “CANADA” (below). It hasn’t been confirmed, but if the Blue Jays stick to tradition, it is expected that the team will be sporting deep blue caps bearing the team logo and featuring a maple leaf.

The Jays will face the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim on Sunday afternoon and a street festival outside Rogers Centre will be held before the game. Sounds like a great time, eh?