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Ooh! A sneak peek at the new E! special, ‘Tim Tebow’s Wild Rise’ (video)

Ladies and gentlemen, Tim Tebow has finally arrived. How so? Because the New York Jets quarterback will be featured in a special on E!, set to air on Monday, July 2 at 8:00 ET.

Entitled Tim Tebow’s Wild Ride — the only time Tim Tebow and the word “wild” will ever appear in the same sentence, except for “Tim Tebow, lining up in the Wildcat” — E! is pimping the special as follows:

Clearly, this New York Jets quarterback isn’t the first jock to make the jump from athlete to full-fledged pop icon (hi, Lamar Odom!), but what was it about Tim Tebow that got him to where he is today?

Was it all the romance rumors? His reality TV offers? The shocking V-card reveal?

Luckily, E! will answer all those burning questions with the special Tim Tebow’s Wild Rise. The 30-minute profile, airing July 2, focuses on the athlete’s success both on and off the field— from his devout Christian faith to the controversy that surrounds him—by speaking to his close friends, former high school and college football coaches, sports journalists and pop culture experts.

Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. Whoa. Riffing on the Tim Tebow/Wild reference above, there is no way the name Lamar Odom and the phrase “full-fledged pop icon” should ever be used in the same sentence. I get the cross-promotional angle here, E!, but what do you playing us for? A bunch of saps?

Video follows, but the damn thing is set to autoplay, dagnabbit.

In the end, I imagine the special will play out just like every other celebrity profile on E! It’ll be just like a True Hollywood Story, but, you know, boring, with a lot of virginity talk, mentions of Jesus and how the subject lives a good and honorable and decent life and whatnot.

In retrospect, that will make Tim Tebow’s E! special the complete antithesis of anything E! typically airs, which actually is something of a compliment.