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From his pregame stretching routine on, Trevor Bauer’s MLB debut was odd (vids)

Much-heralded, highly-touted right-handed pitcher Trevor Bauer made his major league debut on Thursday night when the Arizona Diamondbacks faced the Atlanta Braves.

Overall, it was a decent performance, although not remarkable (4 IP, 5H, 3ER, 3BB, 3K). What was remarkable, however, was the two oddball scenes that played out leading up to and immediately after his first big league pitch.

Bauer entertained onlookers who showed up to the ballpark early with his patently bizarre pregame stretching routine. Then, a bit later, Bauer’s pièce de résistance as it related to his peculiar MLB debut: after grooving a first-pitch strike to the first batter he faced, Bauer, after Diamondbacks coaches told him to toss the ball over to the dugout so it could be kept as a keepsake, mistakenly threw the ball over to the Braves dugout. Oops. How embarrassing.

Videos of both Bauer’s kooky calisthenics and his mistake at attempting to maintain a memento follow.

Not surprisingly and as expected., the Braves dugout cooperated and ensured that Bauer did in fact receive the ball, but in the end, Bauer made his major league debut much more memorable than he probably would have preferred.

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