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Face front, true believers: Spider-Man ‘hung out’ with the Stanley Cup (video)

Lord’s Stanley Cup continued its long, strange, celebratory trip courtesy of its customary shuffling between members of the champion team; this year, the Los Angeles Kings.

Dustin Brown escorted the Cup to the premiere of The Amazing Spider-Man on Thursday night. Sure, it pales in comparison to some of its other strange, erotic journeys of the past — like when Paulina Gretzky nearly humped it or when Hayden Panettiere hugged and licked it and almost humped it herself, for example — but it nevertheless was yet another high profile event for the most hallowed trophy in sport at which it made its presence known.

As you can see above, Brown tweeted a photo of when Spidey got up close and personal with the Holy Grail of Hockey. Video of Brown strolling down the red carpet with the Cup — with Spider-Man hovering overhead — follows.

Pretty cool. But Jeez Louise, did you hear those photographers barking out orders to Brown? “HOLD IT UP BY YOUR HEAD!!” and so on and so forth. Calm down, people. Sheesh.

[H/T Puck Daddy]