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Metta World Peace tweets that he’s been traded for some crazy stuff (pic)

Metta World Peace has found himself the subject of a bevy of trade rumors as of late, and apparently, the peculiar fellow thought it would be a hoot to have some fun with it on Thursday night courtesy of some frenetic tweeting which detailed various scenarios about how he had been traded for one random thing or another. Well, either that or he actually believes he had been traded for these strange items/individuals. Never can be too sure with that guy.

Over a period of an hour or two, Metta World Peace blasted off a series of rapid-fire tweets detailing the terms of these supposed trades and what the Los Angeles Lakers (presumably) would be receiving in return to part with their mercurial star. And as you can see above, Metta really went all out to hammer home the bit.

And these are only a sampling of them. Check out his Twitter account, as he carried on for a little while longer before shutting down the routine with the following tweet:

Say it ain’t so, Metta. Actually, he did a short time later, when he tweeted, “I’m not tweeting at all torrowmo.” Well, which one is it? Either way, hey Metta: Shine on you crazy diamond.