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Jose Bautista’s monster shot exits Fenway, dents SUV in parking lot (video)

Jose Bautista absolutely mashed a home run during the 4th inning of Wednesday’s tilt between the Toronto Blue Jays and Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park. With Boston in control with a 7-1 lead, Bautista unloaded on a Jon Lester pitch, drilling it over the Green Monster and depositing it in a nearby parking lot, where the ball caromed of an SUV, denting the roof on the back left side.

It was Bautista’s 25th round-tripper of the season, and with it, he retook the MLB lead in home runs.

Video and animated GIF of Bautista’s dinging dinger follows.

Unfortunately for the owner of the vehicle, the only thing they are going to get out of their automobile being used as a landing spot for a monster homer is a dent, as apparently, any damages done to vehicles outside of Fenway Park by batted balls is the responsibility of the owner and the owner only.

I suppose it could be worse, the SUV could have had an open sunroof. Imagine the damage a ball would have done bouncing all around a car’s interior.

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