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Handy graph illustrates how Rory McIlroy has ruined Caroline Wozniacki’s career

Business Insider gathered some data, performed some analysis and plotted the details on a handy and informative before-and-after chart to illustrate, in their opinion, how the romance between Rory McIlroy and Caroline Wozniacki has completely derailed the fading tennis phenom’s promising career.

Graph documenting the compelling evidence of how young love ruined Wozniack’s once-dominating tennis game follows.

The chart, with the green line representing when the couple officially became an item:

As you can see, Wozniacki has completely collapsed. She won five tournaments in the six months before she dated Rory, but she’s only won one in the 11 months since.

She has failed to make the quarterfinals in 10 of her last 18 tournaments. Before Rory, she missed the quarters in five of 13 tournaments.

She hasn’t won anything since last August, and now she’s in the middle of the worst stretch of her career.

Ouch. And this chart doesn’t even take into account that Miss Wozniacki had an early exit from Wimbledon after she was beaten by Austria’s Tamira Paszek, losing 5-7, 7-6, 6-4. A precipitous drop for the Dane in the rankings has also been in the offing. Once ranked No. 1 in the world, Wozniacki has dropped to No. 7.

And it’s not like McIlroy has fared much better. The Irish golfing phenom has seen his game take a slide since winning the U.S. Open last year as well, playing inconsistent golf and missing cuts left and right, including three consecutive earlier this season.

But Wozniacki was quick to deny that her profound struggles have been caused by her boyfriend, saying about her early exit from Wimbledon, “This wasn’t the first match this year when I’ve had match points and not won. It’s frustrating.”

Ah yes, the many pitfalls of a high-profile romance, especially once a clever little moniker for the couple has been dreamed up, in the case of these two, that would be the clumsy “Wozzilroy.” But if Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have taught us anything, it’s that people can and will rebound eventually and return to the esteemed status once enjoyed. Although in Bennifer’s case, they had to make a dreadful movie together and eventually split up. Call me a hopeless romantic, but ideally, these two star-crossed lovers can make it work before they have to go their separate ways. They’re just so darned cute together, wouldn’t you agree? No? Yeah, it really doesn’t matter much to me, either.

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