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Bryce Harper plush doll is adorable, won’t tolerate clown questions…bro (pics)

Available for $21.99 through the site, Bleacher Creatures, the Bryce Harper plush doll is a 14-inch-tall testament to major league adorableness. Granted, it lacks Bryce Harper’s trademark eye black and often-seen steely-eyed look of determination. But then again, it is a doll, after all. And Bleacher Creatures does concede in the product description that the doll “takes your favorite Nationals player and transforms him into a lovable character to play with, encouraging fun, inspiration and play.”

Huh. Not exactly a ringing endorsement for Harper’s actual personality, temperament and demeanor, is it? Then again, it doesn’t explicitly indicate that Bryce Harper isn’t a lovable character that encourages fun, inspiration and play in his own right, either. Still, it’s probably a better choice to have the Washington phenom is characterized in this manner. Sans eye black and “Clown question, bro” references.

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