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Baseballs are made when Mr. Met sticks his R.A. Dickey inside Rosie Red’s Dusty Baker (animation)

This animation is so chock-full of goodness it’s hard to decide where to start, so how about we cut to the chase and just show the animation itself?

It follows, and while it’s slightly risque, it’s safe for work. Still, be prepared: it’s a real doozy of a humdinger.

Ha. Perhaps most brilliant: Mr. Met’s reference to his “R.A. Dickey” and Rosie Red’s alluding to her “Dusty Baker.” The references are not only accurate, given the teams these mascots represent, but it provides us with clever baseball nicknames for, uh, man and lady parts.

Wait. Man and lady parts? Jesus. What am I? Ten years old? If that’s the case, I probably shouldn’t have watched the part when Rosie Red gives birth to her baseball babies, as it evokes imagery akin to what one might see at a sex show in Amsterdam.

The miracle of birth: never before has it been so…uh, baseball-themed? And never before would an obstetrician so benefited from having a rosin bag to help aid in a delivery.

[H/T, via @jonahkeri]