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Baron Davis teams up with New York’s D.O.T. for ‘Heads Up’ campaign (video)

Baron Davis might be currently rehabbing after a surgery to repair both a torn ACL and MCL and a partially torn the patellar tendon in his right knee, but that doesn’t mean he will be prevented from contributing to improving the welfare of the public through acts of civic involvement.

That is why the New York Knicks point guard has teamed up with New York City’s Department of Transportation for a video promoting the city’s “Heads Up” campaign, which aims to stress the importance of self-involved New Yorkers to look up every once in awhile and pay attention to their surroundings, whether they be walking, biking or driving.

To accomplish this goal, the video shows Davis making passes to people on the street not paying attention.The humorous part is when an inattentive pedestrian get hits by the basketball. It then goes on to have Davis imploring a bicyclist and a motorist to pay attention to what they are doing. As far as public service announcements go, it’s pretty good. Although I’d suggest for the next video they use another New York athlete to send the message. How about Justin Tuck yelling “Heads up!” to an inattentive bicyclist right before he makes a swim move around a light post and drilling the guy into the ground. Now that would be a compelling argument to convince self-absorbed New Yorkers to pay attention.