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‘2012 NBA Draft: Nintendo Edition’ is beyond fantastic (video)

Courtesy of SB Nation comes this delightful imagining of how Thursday’s 2012 NBA Draft might go if the draft were opened up to characters from the world of Nintendo.

As illustrated by the screencap above, Bowser was the first overall selection by the New Orleans Hornets. And to mark the momentous achievement, Bowser shoots fireballs at NBA Commissioner David Stern. I can only imagine that Stern stole a page from his testy interview with Jim Rome and asked Bowser if he still beats Princess Toadstool during their customary post-draft handshake. Although I would hesitate to push Bowser’s buttons, but then again, that Stern guy can be one salty fellow.

The video in its entirety follows, and you can only guess who the No. 2 overall pick turns out to be.

Uh-oh. Michael Jordan from Jordan vs. Bird as the second pick? I guess in this scenario, Bowser would be the Nintendo draft’s Sam Bowie. Or would Bowser be Hakeem Olajuwon and MJ be Sam Bowie. Hmm…methinks worlds are colliding here.

As an added bonus, Stephen A. Smith contributes astute analysis and commentary. And the best part of that is since it’s not his voice, you don’t need to turn down the volume for fear of your speakers getting blown out.

Finally, I feel bad for Link of Legend of Zelda, etc. fame. Having to join the woeful Washington Wizards organization? Talk about a bum deal, man.

All in all, an outstanding piece of video. Although I have to question the Kings’ selection of King Hippo from Mike Tyson’s Punch Out with the fifth pick. Why not Don Flamenco? He’s got a Ricky Rubio-like quality to him.

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