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Nightmare Fuel: Older Alabama Crimson Tide fan lip syncs to ‘Call Me Maybe’ (video)

Hoo boy. Bear Bryant is probably spinning in his grave right now. Roll Tide, indeed.

There are things a man getting up there in years should never do: one thing is wear jerseys of their favorite sports teams. Another is to lip sync to bubbly pop songs more appropriately geared to a younger listening audience. A third thing — and definitely most egregious — would be to do the previous two things simultaneously, record oneself doing so and then upload evidence of said act to the internet.

The older fella, who describes himself as the “BIGGEST Crimson Tide Fan EVER!”, accomplishes the aforementioned trifecta in stunningly disturbing fashion in the above video in the above video. Apparently, there was nobody in the vicinity of that glorious wood-paneled room to stop him from doing the unthinkable. They were probably out at the moonshine still or something.

Speaking of glorious wood paneling, this guy has got to be a distant, backwoods relative to everybody’s favorite YouTube Sports correspondent, Kige Ramsey. And if this video isn’t incentive enough for old Kige to bust out his own Kentucky Wildcats-themed version of “Call Me Maybe,” I don’t know what will.

One last thought. Hey, Carly Rae Jepsen: might want to put on a leather jacket and wax up those water skis. Because if your song hasn’t already jumped the shark, this crazy old coot just pushed the throttle down on the speedboat.

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