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For $140, you can own a ‘Tebowing robot’ made out of recycled kitchen items (pics)

Just when you thought you’d never have the opportunity to become the proud owner of a sculpture of a “Tebowing robot” made entirely out of recycled utensils and other assorted kitchen detritus, a craftsman who goes by the moniker “leuckit” comes along and makes your wishes come true.

Constructed out of some forks, spoons, and, uh, other stuff, the item, referred to as “Tebowing – robot recycled art sculpture – kitchen robot” can be yours for the tidy sum of $140. I suppose for the person who might be interested in such an item, it’s either the Tebowing robot or paying to have the prescriptions filled for their anti-psychotic medication. Tough call.

“leucekit,” who is well-schooled in the art of kitchen robotics, has posted a listing making this magnificent item available on the always entertaining etsy, a site where a person can market their wares irrespective of their craft-making skill level, as evidenced by the many Jeremy Lin items that were made available on the site some months back.

But do not count “leucekit” among those barely skilled shysters, as his pieces are legitimate pieces of art. A description of his latest creation:

Tebowing!!! Even robots are getting into the action. This guy is doing his best Tim Tebow impression. He stands 8 inches tall and is 10 inches wide at the base. Made of 99% recycled items. All of my robots are one of a kind originals!
Together we are Saving the World, One Robot at a Time!

He had me at “Tebowing!!!” But what’s with the “made of 99% recycled items” reference? If it’s not 100% recycled, I ain’t interested. At the same time, if the Tebowing robot is anything like the football player who was its inspiration, my guess is the remaining 1% is made up of grit, determination and a dash of all-around goodness.

[H/T Kissing Suzy Kolber]