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Fan hit by ‘falling bullet’ while attending Tampa Bay Rays game at Tropicana Field

If it wasn’t already difficult enough for the Tampa Bay Rays to attract fans to its decrepit ballpark, Tropicana Field, to root, root, root for the home team, marketing folks are now faced with dealing with yet another deterrent: fans being struck with what police have deemed a “falling bullet.”

Charles Sweatt, 54, a police chief from the tiny Panhandle town of Parker (which I imagine is often referred to as “sleepy,” because, you know, it just sounds like it), was attending the Rays game against the Miami Marlins on June 16 when he felt something strike right thigh. Assuming originally that it was a foul ball, Sweatt discovered soon enough what had hit him when a person sitting nearby discovered the culprit: a bullet.

Sweatt did not require medical treatment, the only evidence of the falling bullet being a bruise on his thigh. Where the bullet came from is unknown, although authorities assume someone fired off a gun into the air nearby the stadium with bullet falling through the stadium’s roof and hitting Sweatt in the thigh at approximately 9:00 p.m. St. Petersburg police spokesman Bill Proffitt said that “No one really knows where that bullet came from,” adding, “It was a falling bullet. That’s what it looks like.”

Yes, a falling bullet. Thankfully, nobody was seriously injured and given the randomness of the nature of the incident, it’s safe to assume it is unlikely that the identity person who pulled the trigger will ever be discovered. But if I had my druthers, my list of potential suspects would being with a rogue Zim Bear who has been somehow brought to life and promised revenge on those who created him. But then again, that seems completely far-fetched and patently ridiculous. After all, how would a rogue Zim Bear ever get his hands on a gun?

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