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English bloke who flashed his willy during Italy-England match is a millionaire

When Italy’s Alessandro Diamanti was lining up to take a penalty kick in the England-Italy match at Euro 2012 on Sunday, astute television viewers might have noticed a guy wearing an England kit and a red and white wig standing behind England goaltender Joe Hart. Even more keen-eyed onlookers might have picked up on the fact that this fan also dropped his shorts and underwear before Diamanti’s attempt, putting his naughty bits on display for all to see, perhaps suspecting that catching a glimpse of some guy’s wanker might have distracted the Italian player.

Sadly, Diamanti either must not have noticed or is not easily rattled, as he netted the ball on Italy’s final shoot-out kick, leading Italy to a 4-2 shootout win following a 0-0 tie in regulation.

Well, the wanker-waving bloke now has been identified as Tim O’Leary, a 35-year-old millionaire businessman from Surrey. O’Leary had this to say toThe Sunabout his impromptu flashing:

“I was just trying to do my bit.

“It was a spur of the moment thing. I’d do anything to see England win — but sadly it didn’t work.”

No, no it did not. But at least Tim O’Leary can now boast at least some level of notoriety above and beyond simply being a successful owner of a trading company. He flashed his crank during a soccer match. And that’s something you can hang your hat on. No pun intended.

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