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Canadian women’s rugby team makes sexy calendar to raise money (photos)

With rugby set to be reintroduced as an Olympic sport in the 2016 Summer Games, the women’s contingent of Canada’s national rugby teams has produced a fully nude — yet tasteful — 16-month, 2012-13 calendar “that celebrates strong athletic female bodies” in order to raise much-needed funds so the team can train and be more-than-adequately prepared when the team makes its debut on the international stage in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in four years.

Additional safe-for-work sample photos from the calendar follow.

Rugby players, eh? Who knew?

The team has been producing tastefully done nude calendars since 2004 to cover expenses, and on its site the National Senior Women’s Team (NWST) also states that “portions of the money raised will go toward the pay to play 15’s national program and a charity that empowers young women to be active and healthy.” You can get your hands on the 2012-13 version here. Gotta support the team!

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