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Australian Olympic swimmer catching heat for tweeting provocative swimsuit pic

Australian Olympic swimmer Stephanie Rice has found herself in the middle of ridiculous controversy after she tweeted a photo of herself modeling a two-piece swimsuit on June 22. Yep, a woman who wears a swimsuit in order to compete is in hot water for a photo of her wearing a swimsuit.

Granted, the swimsuit modeled by the 24-year-old Rice, a three-time gold medalist at the 2008 Beijing Games, in the now-controversial photo is a bit more on the provocative side than what she dons in the pool during events, but the backlash she has received has bordered on the absurd. It is a completely tasteful article of swimwear.

The photo in question follows.

The photo accompanied the following tweet:

All the hullabaloo over that? Seems like much ado about nothing to me. Rice has been the subject of criticism related to her choice of attire previously, when a racy photo of her portraying a sexy police officer made its around on the internet a few years ago.

A cursory perusal of Rice’s Twitter account indicates that most people have looked upon the photo favorably, as evidenced by her responding to various tweets expressing gratitude, but there are some — not surprisingly, in this day and age of political correctness — nattering nabobs of negativity who have taken offense to Rice wearing a swimsuit (example here). Would a matching swimming cap made it more acceptable? How about if she were wearing one of those old-timey swimsuits from the 1920s, would that have been tasteful enough? Doubt it.

A column found at The Christian Post, of all places (shockingly), highlights those who have made statements critical of Rice’s photo, including a quote from a column written by Amy Harris from the Daily Telegraph:

“It may have landed her in hot water in the past, but it seems the lure of social networking is just too strong for full-time swimmer and part-time poseur Stephanie Rice. The Olympian has shared yet another racy image- this time in her birthday suit. Well sort of.”

Yes, except for, you know, all that material covering her body. If it wasn’t for that bikini top and bottom which covers up what reasonable people expect not to see when someone is wearing a swimsuit, Rice really is practically in her birthday suit! Well sort of.

Ultimately, Rice looks great in the swimsuit, works damn hard to get that body and has every right to show it off in a completely appropriate manner. Let the naysayers nay and ignore them. Rice has more than earned each and every accolade she receives for keeping herself in such great competitive condition and if she wants to flaunt it responsibly, good for her.

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