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When Steve Nash is Spider-Man, he saves the world from stinky diarrhea (video)

We have long enjoyed the off-court antics of Steve Nash here at SoB. From his phenomenal vitaminwater ads, his many soccer-related comedy bits, his brilliant appearance as a “short, older Canadian basketball player” on Space Ghost Coast to Coast to his one-time awesome Twitter avatar, Nash has consistently brought the funny, the rare pro athlete who is not only able to make fun of himself but is also hilarious while doing it.

Oh, and we mustn’t forget “Balls Talk”, Nash’s crowning comedic achievement. That video never gets old. More awkward, sure, but never old.

Mr. Nash has struck gold once again, replacing Peter Parker and assuming the role of Spider-Man’s alter ego. Only in this corner of the superhero universe where Nash resides, Spider-Man doesn’t trouble himself with thwarting the heinous plots of super-villains like Lizard, Sandman or even more well–known adversaries like the Green Goblin or Doc Ock. Nope. Instead, he is interested in thwarting a different kind of stench: the kind that emanates from public restrooms courtesy of one man’s foul bowel movements. Yep, instead of slinging webs, Steve Nash’s version of Spider-Man slings deodorizing spray.

Video follows.

Watch as Nash stalks his next butt cheek-clenching target before donning perhaps the most ridiculous Spider-Man suit ever in order to save a public restroom from a criminally diabolical stench.

From great power comes great responsibility. Ha. Brilliant.