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To celebrate LeBron’s first NBA title, here’s his Sears family portrait (photo)

This hilarious photo of a portrait LeBron took with his sons first surfaced way back in September 2010, only a scant few months after King James took his talents to South Beach, but the low quality of the photo still resonates. Seriously, it really does look like a portrait taken at the photography studio in a Sears, you know, right next to the display showcasing the latest and greatest in Craftsman toolboxes.

Speaking of latest and greatest, congratulations to not only LeBron James, but to the entire Miami Heat organization; from its roster, coaches and front office staff but to all the assorted behind-the-scenes personnel who contributed in their own way to winning this season’s NBA championship. It was a long, taxing journey for the Heat, beginning all the way back when “The Decision” simultaneously captivated and repulsed an entire nation of basketball fans.

Anyway, a job well done. Maybe now with an NBA title on his résumé, LeBron will spring for a photo shoot at some high-classed place like Olan Mills. He’s most certainly earned it.