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Kate Upton continues to rule the world with Vogue Spain photo spread (10 HQ pics)

Mere days after her sexily patriotic photo spread and cover girl status for the July 2012 issue of GQ melted monitors and whipped the internet world up into a frenzy, Kate Upton has once again showed us why she is the “It Girl” of the year with a fantastic photo shoot for the July 2012 issue of Vogue Spain.

To say that…

You know what? To be perfectly honest, I have grown weary of attempting to justify why we publish all the photos, videos, animated GIF and so on and so forth of Kate Upton by prattling endlessly on and wasting words and everyone’s time. It’s quite simple really:

  • Kate Upton is drop-dead gorgeous;
  • She is having by far one of the best runs by a swimsuit model ever; and perhaps most importantly:
  • She is the reigning queen of the internet

So, castigate me, if you will, for putting up yet another Kate Upton post, but the fact is, if I wasn’t doing it, you’d be checking out the pics elsewhere. You see, we’re all complicit in this craze. Might as well enjoy it. And you can do so by clicking through below for all 10 of the glorious, high quality photos.

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