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Jesus blocking LeBron’s shot highlights NMA World Edition’s NBA Finals recap (vid)

Of course, NMA World Edition was right on top of recapping the NBA Finals with their patented Taiwanese animation treatment and of course again, it focused upon LeBron finally seizing his first NBA title.

The video itself is self-explanatory — at least as much as any NMA World Edition animated video can be expected to be — but for all the bizarre imagery, the best part of the video comes down to either Jesus swatting away a shot by LeBron a la Mutombo (jeez, in Tebow’s Taiwanese animation treatment, Jesus is depicted Tebowing…hardly seems fair) or the hand of God squashing King James on the court like a basketball-playing bug, both used as symbols of “cosmic power” that has been denying LeBron his birthright.

Or maybe it’s LeBron knocking down Oklahoma City Thunder players like bowling pins by rolling a flaming basketball at them. Easily one of those three for sure.