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Cleveland weatherman loses it after having to say ‘Heat’ and ‘Thunder’ (video)

That fact that Cleveland’s News Channel5 meteorologist Mark Johnson didn’t completely go off the deep end and spin into an uncontrollable fit of psychotic rage should be considered a blessing.

Although more than likely this was simply an act of sorts, or at the bare minimum a bit of hamming it up on his part. Yet there was a depraved gleam in Johnson’s eyes that indicated there might have been more to his ranting and raving. That perhaps he was actually extremely upset that Ohio’s own native son — Akron’s LeBron James — who spurned the Cleveland Cavaliers and the entire state of Ohio, finally was rewarded for his act of stately provincial treason by winning an NBA championship, courtesy of the Miami Heat beating the Oklahoma City Thunder in Game 5 of the NBA Finals on Thursday night.

Video follows.

A sampling of his meteorological-based tirade against the weather-themed names of the NBA Finals participants:

  • “Heat, Thunder: what are you gonna do? IT’S ALL WEATHER!!!”
  • “72 degrees, cloudy skies, some light rain…on Thunder…son of a gun…YOU KNOW, IF WE COULDA USED SOME THUNDER, IT WAS TONIGHT, HUH!!! WE COULDA USED SOME THUNDER! Nothin’, nothin’. Just some rain. And heat, lots of heat. No thunder.”

Poor, poor Mark Johnson. Between watching LeBron and the Heat win the title and having people verbally abuse him because he is a practitioner of a woefully inexact science. Well, let’s just say he had a bad day. Add that to the realization that his local NBA squad is the Cavaliers…hoo boy.

[H/T Bob’s Blitz]