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Erin Andrews rocks mini dress, presents award at 2012 NHL Awards show (pics/vid)

The lovely and talented Erin Andrews made an appearance in Sin City on Wednesday night for the 2012 NHL Awards show gala. The leggy Andrews did not disappoint, either, rocking a stunning gold dress that showed off how she must be working extremely hard in the gym as of late.

Andrews was on-hand to present the William M. Jennings Trophy for fewest goals allowed, video of which — as well as a few more photos from her sexy stroll down the red carpet (as well as some pics of her onstage) — follows.

ZZ Top approves.

While I neither caught the broadcast of the awards show on Wednesday nor have I read much about the event so I have no idea who was in attendance (although I can assure Nickelback was – – ugh), I nevertheless would be wiling to wager a considerable sum of money that Erin Andrews was probably one of maybe only two prominent ESPN personalities to show up. Yep, her and the Mulleted One, Barry Melrose. Maybe John Buccigross. Possibly Linda Cohn. Other than that, ESPN doesn’t waste their time covering the NHL, why bother to show up for this thing?