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Dancing Queen: Kate Upton did the Cat Daddy with Jimmy Fallon, so here it is (vid)

Once again, much like in early May — and all points in between —  Miss Kate Upton is enjoying a pretty nice week. First, there was the deafening buzz generated over her snagging the July GQ cover, now she’s about to set the interwebs ablaze once again with this video of her doing the Cat Daddy, a dance she made famous with this ultra-steamy video, on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night’s program. Yeah, it’s been a pretty nice run for Miss Upton.

Video below.

What a charming young lady. No, seriously. She handles herself quite well when most people assume she’s just a ditzy blonde.

And an animated GIF, for those who enjoy animated GIF-iness:

[GIF via Warming Glow]