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Cute Padres ball girl makes spectacular catch, Dick Enberg says ‘Hubba Hubba!’ (vid)

A Padres ball girl made an incredible catch over the railing during San Diego’s matinee match-up with Texas on Wednesday afternoon. And while it was certainly an impressive catch and worthy of praise, the borderline creepy reactions by the Padres broadcasting team might have been a little much, in particular the response to the play by veteran play-by-play guy and broadcasting legend, Dick Enberg. Really, it’s pretty awkward.

While reacting to the play live, both Padres broadcasters are overwhelmingly impressed, falling over each other to express their admiration over the young lady’s nifty flash of the glove as she leaned over the railing to snag the rocketed foul ball, but Enberg appears to get a little befuddled, saying, “There’s the catch of the day…I mean, the girl caught the ball and…Lisa! Hubba hubba!”

Video below.

Wow. The “Hubba hubba!” was bad enough, but later, Enberg, at least once, maybe twice, emits this melodic kind of “huh huh huh” sound while reviewing the replay.

To riff on Enberg’s patented line: Oh my! Dick Enberg, you dirty, dirty old man.