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Step aside, Ugg Boots Guy, Cigar Guy is the new uberdouche Miami Heat fan (pic)

During last season’s NBA Finals, when the Miami Heat faced (and lost to) the Dallas Mavericks, one Heat fan generated a bit of attention for himself in the internet world courtesy of letting his footwear do all the talking as it pertained to his obvious utter douchebaggery. This demonstration of smarmy douchiness was accomplished by way of a ridiculous pair of UGG boots that were prominently displayed courtesy of the jagoff’s courtside seats.

Well, as far as UGG Boots Guy is concerned, it’s time for him to mosey on down the dusty trail into even further irrelevancy, because even if he has been attending this season’s edition of the NBA Finals, he hasn’t been noticed and even worse, some other Heat fan is ready to seize the throne as the most obnoxious Heat fan attending games.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you: Cigar Guy.

Of course, he is not to be confused with the original Cigar Guy, who rose to internet infamy by pure happenstance, when he just so happened to be a member of the gallery surrounding Tiger Woods when an already-far-out photo was snapped during the 2010 Ryder Cup.

You see, this guy is wholly different from O.G. Cigar Guy. You can just tell this guy craves attention. Check out the shades, the chomping on an unlit cigar. This is the kind of self-absorbed jerk who talks too loud on his cell phone while acting like he’s brokering the biggest business deal ever. Which he never is.

Yep, a perfect, indelible image of a guy that in light of his status as a Heat fan, is a perfect embodiment of the reasons behind the prevailing negative attitudes a lot of people have toward the Miami Heat. Probably not fair, but true.

[H/T 30FPS, by way of TPS]