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Lingerie Football League All-Star Game had sexy, profanity-laced ultraviolence (video)

Not staged at all. Nope.

If you thought for one second that the Lingerie Football League’s Fantasy All-Star Game that took place in Australia over last weekend was going to be a boring, run-of-the-mill affair akin to its NFL counterpart, the Pro Bowl, think again. Why? Because these ladies couldn’t care less if an All-Star Game is a showcase event where the competition level is supposed to take a backseat to flashy plays by competitors going half-speed.

First of all, the name itself has a certain flair to it, given the inclusion of the word “Fantasy.” And if your particular brand of “fantasy” involves late hits on the sidelines from one scantily clad female upon another scantily clad female followed by a belly punch and profanity-laced tirades, the following video is especially for you as it has all those things tied up in a neat little bow.

Before the video, a primer on what goes down: Tessa Barrara of the Los Angeles Temptation delivers a late hit after the play was over on Kyle DeHaven of the Baltimore Charm. DeHaven, clearly irate at the bush league act, retaliates by punching Barrara in the stomach. The entire scene further devolves into a shouting match loaded with profanity. It’s quite the provocative, visceral scene, on many, many levels.


Come on, ladies. Can’t we all get along? It’s an All-Star Game, for Pete’s sake. A Fantasy All-Star Game at that.

Note: according to the YouTube page, this video is only a teaser and the “LFL All-Star Game from Brisbane, Australia will be aired FREE via the LFL Facebook Page on Saturday, June 23rd, 2012. 11pm ET | 8pm PT.” Good to know. Good to know.

[H/T Out of Bounds]