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LeBron on D-Wade: ‘This whole glasses thing is getting out of control’ (video)

Count Dywane Wade’s own teammate among those folks who are beginning to fear that D-Wade’s ever-increasing spectacles he makes with his spectacles is starting to get out of control.

In a twitvid video, Lebron James is seen jokingly mocking and ridiculing Dwyane Wade’s apparent homage to the eyewear frequently sported by certain character fromA Different Worldas he laughs and says, “In two years, Dwyane Wade became Dwayne Wayne” and opining earlier that “This whole glasses thing is getting out of control right now.”

Video follows.

Ha. Obviously, whatever cramping issues LeBron was suffering through during Miami’s triumphant Game 4 performance over the Oklahoma City Thunder had no effect on his ability to exercise his sense of humor following the game.

[H/T Game On!]