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Here are a couple of woodheads setting fire to a Kevin Durant jersey (photo)

Misdirected bitterness is one helluva misguided emotional response. Unfortunately, there is little to no information relating to the context of the photo: who these two individuals are, the motivation behind what they’re doing, etc., but the act of burning a Kevin Durant jersey? Come on, man.

Let’s assume for the moment that these are two Thunder fans — although the Atlanta Braves hat is a bit confusing —  overreacting to a devastating Game 4 loss that puts their squad down three games to one, a deficit no team has ever recovered from in NBA Finals history. With that assumption, there remains no need really to get into specifics how absurd the act of burning a Kevin Durant jersey by these two presumed Oklahoma City Thunder fans is, it just is. Even burning a Russell Westbrook jersey in light of his colossal brain fart in the waning moments of an ultimate Game 4 loss when he fouled Mario Chalmers when there was no need to.

Yeah, being a fan of an inexperienced, young team with nothing but upside for years to come and having to watch them get outplayed on the grand stage of the NBA Finals by a much more talented, more experienced opponent. That must suck. Yeah, it’s time to burn some jerseys.

UPDATE: According to this tweet, it appears this guy is “team Heat,” not a Thunder fan. Well, that makes it much better. Super lame, sure, but at least not so objectionable as it was under the presumption that a Thunder fan was doing it. (Gracias, Deadspin)