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Chicks, Man

An animated GIF of Mila Kunis attempting a granny shot 3-pointer, anyone?

Yeah, I thought that would grab your attention. Pretty much any headline with the name of talented and stunning actress is sure to draw folks in. Crap, “Mila Kunis organizes her junk drawer (photo)” would likely generate oodles of click-throughs.

Moving on, the absolutely gorgeous Mila Kunis made an appearance on the pregame version of Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday night before Game 4 of the NBA Finals, and she did not disappoint. Promoting the upcoming film, Ted, alongside her co-star Mark Wahlberg, Miss Kunis, looking resplendent in a dazzling black dress, attempted a granny shot-style 3-pointer and almost banked it in.

Video and aforementioned animated GIF goodness follows.

Impeccable form. And I’m not even referring to the granny shot.

[via @cjzero, H/T TBL]