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Am I the only one who missed CM Punk dissing Tim Tebow on Fallon’s show? (video)

Being presently devoid of any interest in professional wrestling whatsoever, my knowledge of that particular brand of entertainment ain’t what it used to be (but if you want to chat about The Junkyard Dog or Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, I’m game), I am aware that CM Punk is currently one of the biggest stars in the WWE.

Which makes the fact that what occurred during his appearance on Late Nightwith Jimmy Fallon fell under the radar, especially in light of direction a discussion between he and the host traveled and the person who was the center of said discussion.

During Monday evening’s show, CM Punk dissed the one, the only, Tim Tebow, courtesy of one of his patented acts of trash talk, which are apparently referred to as “pipe bombs.” How didn’t I hear about this?

Said, uh, Mr. Punk, relating to the much beloved New York Jets quarterback: “I know you are a Tim Tebow fan, so this is kind of like Tebowing, except unlike Tebow, I actually am a champion.” Oh, snap!

Yes, I suppose in some sense of the word, CM Punk is a champion, just so long as that is how the script has been written. Concerning his diss of Tim Tebow, assume it was more than likely a clever joke to rile up the Tebowphiles, which from what I gather, fits in well with the wrestler’s overall public persona. It’s only surprising that it didn’t cause more of a buzz.

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