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In stunning upset, Tim Tebow wins football writers’ ‘Good Guy Award’

Will wonders never cease? Despite his reputation of being something of an irrepressible cad, New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow has been named the recipient of the Professional Football Writers of America 2012 Good Guy Award, defined as follows: “The Good Guy Award is given to a NFL player for his qualities and professional style in helping pro football writers do their jobs.” Yes, Tebow did in fact help pro football writers do their jobs. The enormous amount of new copy dedicated to one Tim Tebow¬† every day of the week more than adequately proves that fact. And it’s hard to argue with the assertion that Tim Tebow is a good guy. I mean, he oozes good-guy-edness. Or whatever.

PFWA Vice President Jeff Legwold provided the reasoning behind the organization bestowing the award upon Tebow as follows:

“I think Tim handled himself well all season long with the kind of attention few players are asked to contend with at any point in their careers.

“Tim not only dealt with the traditional media obligations both locally and nationally, but he was also the focus of many non-traditional media outlets, both from in Denver and across the country. And while he didn’t always let folks peer into his innermost thoughts, he did always conduct himself professionally, with a great deal of respect for both the process and the people who take part in it.

Surely, there is no doubt that Tebow embodies only the best qualities also possessed by past winners such as Jerome Bettis, LaDainian Tomlinson, Kurt Warner, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Tiki Barber and Brett Favre…

Whoa whoa whoa whoa. Tiki Barber and Brett Favre have won this award? Barber, the man who dumped his pregnant wife to shack up with a young intern and Favre, alleged sender of dong photos? Methinks this award does not necessarily mean permanent “Good Guy” status, in light of those two guys being present on the list of past winners.

Irrespective of Barber and Favre being known as a former “Good Guy,” I can assure you of this: when Tebow learns of the honor, he will smile graciously and mention how he feels truly blessed. Things like that is the reason why he won the award in the first place: easy writing, kids. Tebow stories practically write themselves.

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