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Bronson Arroyo and Aroldis Chapman sing ‘Reds Hooded Sweatshirt’ (video)

Cincinnati Reds teammates Bronson Arroyo and Aroldis Chapman recently stopped by MLB Fan Cave and recorded a video of the duo performing the tune “Reds Hooded Sweatshirt,” a Reds-centric take on Adam Sandler’s “Red-Hooded Sweatshirt,” an amusing little diddy of a song from a long-ago era when Sandler was, you know, still funny.

Be that as it may, Adam Sandler’s rapidly dwindling comedic relevance notwithstanding, Arroyo, who not only is an accomplished, sturdy pitcher, is also an aspiring singer-songwriter, handled the guitar work and lead vocals while the reliever Chapman handled backing vocals and the maracas.

Said Arroyo on the MLB Fan Cave mini-set:

“That was definitely a different experience,” Arroyo said with a laugh, sitting in the Fan Cave throne. “I hadn’t been on the microphone or had Aroldis with the maracas anytime this season.

“I hope (fans) are familiar with Adam Sandler and ‘SNL’ and his funny skits. They’re definitely in for a treat. You’ve got me playing guitar, where we’re kind of ripping off an old Adam Sandler song called ‘Red Hooded Sweatshirt,’ which they changed to ‘Reds Hooded Sweatshirt.’ It’s just a funny little story with a verse and a chorus. We’ve got Aroldis singing backup on a little part, and it should be fun.”

With the stellar performance in mind, maybe Arroyo and Chapman can become the MLB’s version of Seals & Crofts or better yet, Hall & Oates, as they crank out sweet jams for years to come. So long as Chapman resigns himself to an Oates-like existence of non-relevance and growing a goofy mustaches