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And now, the origin of Bryce Harper’s now-famous ‘clown question, bro’ retort

Easily one of the most popular sound bytes in recent memory from the world of Major League Baseball, Washington Nationals budding superstar Bryce Harper’s perturbed retort to a reporter’s inquiry about whether he would be sampling any of Canada’s fine beers after a productive game has reached legendary status. There are t-shirts featuring the quote, a “Clown Question, Bro” brewski is in the offing and the various versions of the video online have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

But despite its rapid evolution into a pop culture phenomenon, a question remained as to the phrase’s origins. Did Harper come up with it on the fly or is there a story behind the story?

That question was answered recently courtesy of an interview Harper’s brother, Bryan, did recently with an Auburn paper. Bryan Harper, a gifted ballplayer in his own right, explained the nature of how “That’s a clown question, bro” came into existence.

“That is actually from one of my good friends,” Bryan Harper said referring to Donn Roach, a friend from the Harper’s hometown of Las Vegas. Roach was drafted by the Angels and is now in the Padres system.

“That is one of his (Roach’s) words. He has always used ‘clown’ as an (adjective),” Bryan Harper said.

 As for how his brother used the reference in context: “That is some saltiness. A little bit of veteran swagger right there for Bryce.”

There you have it. Another mystery solved. To use the term appropriately in light of this newfound information, it’s something of a clown mystery, sure, but mystery nevertheless.

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