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Presumed ladies man wins World Burping Championship with 18.1 second belch (video)

With a powerful belch of 18.1 seconds, extreme burper Tim Janus won the first annual World Burping Championship. The event, sanctioned by the World Burping Federation (you know the WBF is a legit organization because it has its own website), was put on by the five founding members of the fledgling federation recently in New York.

According to said website, the World Belching Federation “promotes belching best practices and the pursuit of lifelong learning, while also seeking to remove the stigma that has become associated with belching in recent centuries.” Alrighty then. Now that’s a cause folks can rally around.

But enough about the particulars related to the rich tradition and high-minded gallantry of the WBF. What you really want to see is Janus, who after this display of gastrointestinal gas expulsion is sure to be a hit with the ladies, rip off a nearly 20 second belch.

Nice. And you have to give the guy credit: he sure seems to be taking this stuff seriously.

Said Janus about his history-making burp:

“I’ve been doing this all my life with friends and family in backyards and parking lots, so I’m happy to do it on a stage.

If you had a nickel for every time a stripper probably has uttered those same words…

Janus also said that this is only the beginning of what the WBF seeks to accomplish in the world of competitive burping, adding that he would :like to add events in decibel burping and burp-talking as well.” Well, that’s the only logical path to take from here, right?

And if you think Janus is just a one-trick pony when it comes to questionable endeavors related to piggish behavior, think again: he also competes in the glamorous world of competitive eating:

“I compete as ‘Eater X’ in competitive eating events and under my own name in the WBF. I consider myself the Bo Jackson of the bowel. I see eating and burping going hand in hand.”

Ah yes, the Bo Jackson of the Bowel. Between that self-given moniker and his status as a double threat in competitive burping and competitive eating, I cannot see how this guy isn’t beating women off with a stick at this point. Or with a belch so forceful it knocks the burpy groupies into next week.