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Paulina Gretzky gets up close and personal with Lord Stanley’s Cup (pics)

As it always does about this time of year, the Stanley Cup has been on a whirlwind tour while in the possession of the champion Los Angeles Kings, getting passed around from player to player and making numerous public appearances, in more esteemed locales such as the celebratory championship parade in L.A. on Thursday to less, shall we say, dignified situations, such as its visit to Beacher’s Madhouse on Wednesday evening, where it was prominently displayed alongside little people dressed up as Oompa Loompas and other such assorted nonsense.

But its travails reached another plateau of sexiness Thursday, when it came in close proximity to no other than everybody’s favorite hot daughter of hockey royalty and Twitter temptress, Paulina Gretzky.

In a tweet, uh, tweeted Thursday in the a.m., Gretzky reported that she had a “[f]un night out with friends,” those friends presumably being members of the Kings, although I will not venture a guess as to which Kings players were photographed with her. Leave that to the die-hard Kings fans. I’m sure you guys can pick them out and identify them, as the true purpose of this post is to highlight Paulina Gretzky’s time with the Cup. And if you think the image of the gorgeous blonde simply posing next to the Stanley Cup, wait until you see the other pic she retweeted on Thursday, which follows below.

Sweet sassy molassey. Never before have men the world over so desperately wanted to be something made of silver.

I mean, would you look at that? She’s darn near humping the trophy. Poor Papa Wayne probably doesn’t know what to think. On one hand, he’s probably unhappy that his daughter is continuing her provocative ways. On the other hand, he hasn’t touched the Stanley Cup since 1988, so maybe he’s pleased at least a member of his family was so near to the coveted trophy. Although he probably would prefer that Paulina would have posed next to it a bit differently. Yeah.