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Kirk Gibson on missing son’s graduation: ‘You’re supposed to graduate’

If he even cares, Arizona Diamondbacks manager Kirk Gibson probably shouldn’t expect any real nice Father’s Day gifts on Sunday. But sentimentality might not be a trait Gibson possesses in light of his comments about why he skipped attending his son graduation ceremony.

Gibson’s son, Cam, graduated from high school in Michigan on Thursday. When asked about why he decided to stay with the team for its final game against the Texas Ramgers instead of heading back to Michigan, the Diamondbacks skipper responded as follows:

“You’re supposed to graduate. His mom and the rest of the family will be there. He’s coming to see me next week.”

Ouch. While there is no disputing Gibson’s assertion that a child is expected to graduate, a father should be expected to take an active part in arguably theĀ first of many rites of passage their child goes through as they make their way into adulthood.

In a twisted, misplaced priorities sense, I suppose it could be considered commendable that Gibson not only appreciates but also honors the commitments he has made to the Diamondbacks organization, I’m pretty sure the team would have survived for a day, even a game, without his presence.

I wonder if Gibson even bothered attending the births of his four children. After all, you’re supposed to be born.

Here’s a thought: in light of the fact that it is Father’s Day this weekend, given Gibson’s stoic attitude toward such trivial events as graduating from high school, might I suggest that Cam keep his dad’s lack of sentimentality in mind when he picks out a gift for his old man. How about he combines the tradition of punishing someone for bad behavior on Christmas by putting coal in their stocking and pair it with a traditional Father’s Day gift of items for grilling and put coal in his dad’s Weber?

Wait. That would actually be a good gift. Disregard that idea entirely.

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